InterX Therapy

InterX Devices for Professionals

The InterX® 5002 Professional Device is designed specifically for pain and rehabilitation specialists. Interactive technology is combined with a new user interface providing immediate access to preset stimulation patterns to treat a full range of injuries and conditions. The graphical displays provide users with quick and easy access to treatment applications for acute and chronic conditions, as well as new treatment cycle programs.

The InterX 5002 can be used to identify optimal treatment points, helping to ensure the most effective targeted treatment. Unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment applications.

Lightweight, portable and battery operated, the InterX Professional Products are the perfect solution to effective and simple pain and injury management for pain and rehabilitation specialists everywhere and an important addition to any rehabilitation program. A range of accessory electrodes are available which provide multiple treatment options, including soft tissue manipulation and dynamic function.
The InterX 5002
  • Graphic display
  • Subjective and objective measurements
  • x4 AA Batteries
  • Training manual provided
  • Compatible with all accessory electrodes
  • 15 preset stimulation patterns providing a wide range of high and low frequency settings
Available Accessory Electrodes

Flexible Arrray ™

Dual Flex Array ™

The Dome

The Comb

Soft Tissue

The Classic

Small Soft Tissue