InterX Therapy

InterX Single Patient Systems

Single Patient Systems
New Single Patient Systems* are the latest addition to the InterX family and have been designed with ease of use in mind. The same unique InterX Neurostimulation is delivered through self-adhesive disposable dual electrodes and through body specific conductive garments which are attached to relevant parts of the body.
The InterX 900
At the heart of the new InterX Single Patient Systems is the InterX900 neurostimulation device. Built in preset stimulation patterns deliver a range of high and low frequency stimulation to optimize the effects of treatment and assist the patient in returning to full function.

Simple to use, portable, and InterX Technologies offers a range of purchase/acquisition options.
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Available Accessories

InterX 900 Self Adhesive Dual Electrodes

InterX's new Self Adhesive Dual Electrodes are available either as a Sterile or Non-Sterile product.

InterX Sterile Self-Adhesive Dual Electrodes (ISSDE)
Working in conjunction with the InterX 900 our new Sterile Self-Adhesive Dual Electrodes provide a unique patient post-surgical pain management system for use in hospitals and surgery centers. The ISSDE's are applied near the surgical site at the conclusion of the procedure and once the patient has regained sensation in the surgical area, treatments are given based on the physician's orders. The InterX 900 ISSDE System is designed to solve pain management issues faced by hospitals/surgical centers by:

  • Managing pain while reducing use of opioids - InterX is a totally drug free and non-invasive pain management alternative
  • Minimizing post-operative complications
  • Improving rehabilitation time and reducing recovery time
  • Reducing overall patient length of stay
  • Reducing overall cost-of-care
InterX Self-Adhesive Electrodes (ISE)
InterX Self-Adhesive Electrodes are utilized in conjunction with the InterX 900 and provide a self-adhesive electrode option for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions in non-hospital/surgery center environments. In addition, ISE's aid in the ability to provide ongoing treatment to areas of the body where attachment of non-adhesive electrodes can be difficult (i.e., shoulders, back , etc.)

InterX Wearable Garments

The InterX 900 is able to accept a wide array of wearable garments that specifically target problem areas on the body.

The Universal Garment

Conductive Elbow Garment

Conductive Wrist Garment