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Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

InterX® therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can be used on patients of all ages. Consult your physician regarding the InterX® treatment approach that is best for your individual medical condition. To the best of our knowledge, InterX Technologies does not know of any reported cases of severe injury due to the use of the InterX® products. However, caution should be taken when using neurostimulation devices as they may interfere with other electrical medical devices.
InterX® therapy will be delivered by a trained practitioner, often in a clinical or sports setting. Typical treatments last from 15 - 30 minutes and the procedure will involve applying the hand-held device or its remote probes directly to the skin. Treatment will be on the skin of the involved area, and often non-involved areas on the opposite side of the body or the back.

The device may be held stationary or moved along the skin in sweeping motions, depending on the chosen mode of treatment. The sensation the patient may feel a tickling or vibrating sensation, or it may feel like a prickling or fine "needling" sensation. Some people are more sensitive than others to neurostimulation. The way your body responds to the treatment may not be the same as the next person. There is the potential that people who are very sensitive to neurostimulation may temporarily experience discomfort or light-headedness.

The number of treatments needed will depend upon the severity of your condition and how long you have had the problem. Quite often patients feel relief after 1 - 3 treatments but complex long standing conditions may require more effort.

The InterX® products can be applied independently as a full treatment or concurrently with existing therapy (physical or occupational) activities to meet and enhance therapy goals. The number of visits and duration of treatment is highly dependent upon the complexity of the patient's medical history and condition, and whether the InterX® product is used independently or as a concurrent treatment. Case examples:
  • Acute minor ankle sprain may only require one 15-minute session for a healthy individual when InterX® therapy is applied as a concurrent treatment to active therapy.
  • Chronic low back pain and a complicated medical history may experience a 30-minute treatment and require 3-4 treatments per week for 2-3 weeks.
  • Post-operative ACL repair may experience a 15-minute InterX® treatment multiple times before each physical therapy session.
Once therapy has begun, it is important to complete the full, recommended treatment course in order to experience optimum relief from symptoms. Neurostimulation activates a physical response, which may increase the sensation of pain for a few hours. Adherence to the full course of treatment will minimize symptoms that a patient may experience during the natural healing process.
The cost of each treatment is set independently by the individual clinic or practitioner. In the U.S., reimbursement for treatment may be available. Depending upon the kind of treatment you receive with the InterX® your healthcare provider will consult with you regarding payment for services. To improve the likelihood that the InterX® therapy or home use may be reimbursed, it is recommended that the patients medical record include documentation of the condition(s) that justifies medical necessity. Many payors request that a letter of medical necessity be completed by the treating physician.

For more information on reimbusement, please read the information contained in our insurance reimbursement section.
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Although it introduces electrical impulses into the body, the InterX® products achieve results through an approach that is very different to conventional neurostimulation.
The management team at InterX Technologies has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and is committed to providing service and products that improve the quality of life for patients and athletes receiving treatment with its products.

Available upon request are numerous resources and references regarding the use and study of InterX® therapy.

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No, the Flexible Array electrode allows for unattended treatment. We recommend scanning the area first with the main device, then targeting the area with the flexible array during which time you can direct the patient to perform exercises or you can continue the treatment unattended.